Can You Buy A Car with A Suspended License? Complete Information


Can You Buy A Car with A Suspended License?: According to the different countries’ and state laws and regulations, you can buy a car with a suspended license, however, to some extent. The process of purchasing a car with a suspended license may seem quite complicated, but it does not mean that the respective countries’ governments do not permit their citizens or people to buy a car, complete the car purchase procedure with a suspended license. Technically speaking, a person does not need to possess a car license to buy or own a car. However, if the car buyer is intending to be driving the intended-to-be-purchased vehicle, then it will be a different story. After all, all countries do state in their law and regulations that they do require people to possess a valid driving license to register, indemnify and drive the car.

Can You Buy A Car with A Suspended License?

Can You Buy A Car with A Suspended License?

  1. Purchase on Someone’s Behalf
    People can buy a car with a suspended license if they are buying on someone’s behalf. For instance, a parent buying for their child or a spouse buying the vehicle for their significant others as a gift. All they need to do is to purchase the car and register the newly purchased vehicle with the name of the other party whom they are buying for. Once all the necessary procedures are duly completed and signed, the person with the suspended license are not allowed to drive the car off the car showroom. Hence, they will either require someone else with valid driving license to do so or the new registered car owner possessing a valid driving license can complete the final step by driving off out of the showroom.
  2. Your Own Purchase
    If you are buying the vehicle for your own use, then you may either consider waiting for the suspension on your license being lifted or still continue with the vehicle with your suspended license but you will only be able to insure partially on the car to protect your vehicle from any damages, fire hazards or theft when left off the roads and until your driving license becomes valid once again in the near future, you will then be able to drive the purchased car on the roads officially.
  3. Process of Car Purchase with A Suspended License
    Here are some simple steps in the process of purchasing a car with a suspended license:
  4. Prepare the necessary documents and personnel, before embarking on your car purchase journey:
    A – Valid Photo ID
    B – Income Statement
    C – Residential Address Proof
    D – Current Vehicle Loan Information (If applicable)
    E – Valid driver’s license who can be used to test drive
    F – Owner of the valid driver’s license
  5. Prepare the down-payment in the form of cash
  6. Drop by automobile store to choose, select and decide on your car type
  7. Liaise with the sales agent to proceed with the purchase process and financing forms.
  8. Once completed, the owner of the valid driver’s license will be able to help you to drive off the car (if the vehicle is ready for immediate collection).

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