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Fastest Car in GTA V Game – A racing car is an animal with thousand of adjustments. When you are fitted to a racing car then you race to win second and third is not enough.

Super Cars can blast to race in the Grand Theft Auto V game. They not only give the top speed but also look superb when it comes to racing games.

If you are looking for the fastest car for GTA 5 game then you have visited the right place. The new Grand Theft Auto Online is breaking land speed records. These cars not only give the top speed but also looking superb.

These cars help you to win the car racing games but finding them is tricky. I am going to mention 10 fastest cars for GTA V game.

Fastest Car in GTA V Game

Fastest Car in GTA V Game

1. Dewbauchee Vagner

Dewbauchee Vagner

According to the latest, release of Smugglers Update for GTA V, the Dewbauchee becomes the best overall supercar to race with. If you are searching to buy, just one supercar to race with the Vagner is the option for you.

It has the highest traction out of any car in GTA V. Dewbauchee has a higher speed than the below RE-&B, it is better at cornering and is just the best car for racing.

2. Emperor ETR1

Emperor ETR1

Another car launched in the Cunning Stunts in GTA V, the ETR1 is a balanced car and similar to the Tyrus. If you have ETR1 or Tyrus in your garage, then all other Super Cars will probably be driving in your dust. The spoiler supplies a huge downward force while accelerating to deal with the speed around the corners.

3. Progen Tyrus

Progen Tyrus

Before the Progen, the X80 Proto was the fastest car for a period of two months. After coming to the Tyrus, the car performs really well and can be taken around every corner quite quickly. The car has high revving engine and the top speed that sounds so pleasing. It is an excellent choice for the supercar racers who are more budget conscious.

4. X80 Proto

X80 Proto

It is a two-door supercar launched during the Finance and Felony update of the game. The car appeared quickly and disappears just fast as it is the fastest Super Car for two months before the Cunning Stunts update.


5. Entity XF

Entity XF

It is a best overall car, the main thing about this car is emphasizing is maintains your speed. There is a gentle traction on this car, which makes it easy, and you must avoid the brake on this car as much as possible. Because all-wheel -drives, there is excellent traction so this car recommended to any generic driver.

6. Pegassi Osiris

Pegassi Osiris

The car launched with the first I11-Gotten Gain DLC released from Rockstar, at the time Osiris topped the supercars category, although it lasts only a month. The car is smooth to drive and all wheels drive extremely fast. You need to go be sure to power down probably the most corners. Overall, the car is easy to drive relying on the type of driver you are.

7. Annis RE-7B

Annis RE-7B

Launched during the Cunning Stunts update RE-7B is a two doors supercar in GTA V. Annis is an excellent overall selection and does reasonably well in stunt races.

8. Zentorno


It was once the fastest car in GTA V, now Zentorno is at the third position these days and considered as one of the perfect Super Cars on the most tracks with. This car is not very best to drive without practice. Simply it is a classic racing supercar, it is in the market for a long time you might have already parked it in your garage.

9. Turismo R

Turismo R

The car is less expensive when compared to the others. You will probably run the race if the car is run by an experienced and skilled driver. You can get this car in the GTA V online store.

10. Progen T20

Progen T20

If you are looking for the best in Super Cars the Progen T20 was launched with 2nd of I11-Gotten Gain DLC update in GTA V. Allowing the Progen T20 to the new Osiris, this is the fastest car in GTA V and slightly beating the Osiris. The car displays the real-life Mclaren car it is the new manufacturer brought to the GTA V world.

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The above-mentioned details give you an idea about the fastest car in GTA V game. Do not forget to take a test drive and check the reviews of these cars before buying. Select a car carefully to win GTA V. We wish you all the best! (Tags – Fastest Car in GTA V Game)

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