How to Buy a Used Car from a Dealer in California


How to Buy a Used Car: If you love nice cars managing finances is also your responsibility. And buying a new car is the sticker price that you have to pay. The associated fee, subsequent cost and depreciation add thousands of dollars over the first few years of a new car.

If you are looking for a pre-owned car the right place you visited. Buying a used car has grown from the past decade.

Buying a second-hand vehicle is trickier than choosing a new vehicle. You have to check many points and find the right value.

How to Buy a Used Car from a Dealer in California

How to Buy a Used Car from a Dealer in California

Make a budget: As rule of thumb, if you are going to take a loan to pay for your car, it should not be more than 20% of your take-home income. If you stick to a tight budget, you may want to spend even less.

The used cars need a little extra expense from time to time new tires, maintenance etc. And the ownership costs such as fuel and insurance also needs money.

Make a target list of used cars: There is no doubt that Honda Accord and Toyota Camry make are the best options. But they are costly over the brand like Ford Fusion, Kia Optima etc even they are also good cars. Make a list of 3-4 cars that can meet your needs and pocket-friendly too.

If you are planning to buy a car which is less than 5 years, consider the certified pre-owned. These vehicles have long-term warranties that are offered by the manufacturers of the car.

Check the price: Prices depend on where you are buying a car. There are many options you can go to new car dealers, independent used-car lots, retailers selling used cars and websites where owners list their cars for sale.


Private party car is usually the best option in respect to price. CPO cars are costly than all other options. You need to check the average price paid for the car in your area.

Check the vehicle fitness history: If you are buying a car from your relative or a friend you can check the vehicle history. It is an essential step as a vehicle with bad history report is frustrating for you in future.

AutoCheck and Carfax are the two famous sources for vehicle history reports which can reveal important details about the car.

Use Vehicle Identification number (VIN) to get this information, and in some cases, you need to license plate number.

Talk to the seller: Calling the seller is the good way to establish a relationship with the seller and check the information about the vehicle.

Buying from a private seller you can ask him why they want to sell it. Sometimes a seller doesn’t mention some details in the ad that might change your decision to buy the car.

Once you look the car, then you can check its condition, set up for an appointment to test-drive the car. Try to make this plan in the daytime; it is easy to check the condition of it.

Inspect the car with a mechanic: If you selected the car don’t forget to inspect it from a mechanic before you buy it. You can also check the Google and Yelp for the goods places to read local shops reviews. A pre-purchase cost is about $100 and gives you alerts to the problems you cannot find yourself.

A private seller will allow you to do this without any issue. In case of dealerships, they will let you know the car is inspected by an outside mechanic. If you are buying a CPO car there already have an inspection and warranty is in place.

Negotiate a good price: Done with all points mentioned above and find the car reasonable you need to negotiate for its price. Make an opening offer lower than your maximum budget. If the seller comes at a price that sounds good and is near the average price paid, you are probably in good shape.

Ready the paperwork: If you are buying from a dealer you need to sign the contract in finance and insurance office. The other things are offered to you such as warranty, Anti-theft, fabric protection etc.

Once you finished the paperwork it’s the time to party for a new purchase. It maybe a long drive or a dinner outside. Of course! You deserve it! How to Buy a Used Car.

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