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How to calculate what is my car worth – Using your car only daily basis you do not require to calculate your car’s worth. However, when you when you are looking to sell, upgrade or want to reshuffle your finances, then it becomes important to check your car’s worth.

Calculating your car’s worth is not an easy task, as it all boils down to how you can get someone to pay for it. While every vehicle has its intrinsic value which is helpful in checking its worth.

Car prices and basics of car – Fixing the right price for the car helps to sell the car faster and gives the buyer a feel that he/she would get benefit from this deal. It ensures the seller and buyer they are getting most car value in return.

A car is made up of several components, which includes vehicle age, condition, mileage etc. but there are some factors which are out of control such as it is used in the marketplace is flooded with a similar model and make. As what you would like to sell, buyers have more options to walk away from negotiations and buy someone else’s car.

How To Calculate What Is My Car Worth

How To Calculate What Is My Car Worth

Assess the market

Before you start the process of checking your car’s value, it makes some sense to check the current situation of the used car market. Ask yourself the following question, which helps you to understand the market.

Is this model is in high demand now?


Some models are always in high demand additionally, there are always a good amount of people simply need a basic transport.

Methods to calculate your car’s worth?

Method 1 Use the Kelley Blue Book – You can calculate the value of your car, by visiting Kelley Blue Book website. You need to click the button Price New/ Used Cars button to check the worth of your vehicle. It is commonly referred as the best online vehicle valuation system.

You need to enter the information of your vehicle such as year, make and model. You also require the zip code, vehicle options and current condition of your car.
Note: You need to answer each question if you want to get the right valuation.

Method 2 Pick the evaluation method – Select the “Trade In” value and “Private Party” value method.

In “Trade in Value” is how you pay money you can expect to get from a dealer if you trade your vehicle for buying a new one.

Method 3 Private Party – It approximates the price that you would get from selling your car privately.

Check the dealer’s quotes accordingly – Dealers help to sell the car for more money than private sellers do, as they offer warranties and maintenance.

Method 3 Research similar car – Do online research : Check the different websites to find which cars are available in the market. You can check the completed listing section of eBay Motors and resources that have seemingly endless amounts of the car to check out.

Find the similar cars on Craigslist/eBay Motors

You can find a good number of cars which are virtually identical to yours. It tells the price of your car as well as the buyers who are willing to pay for them.

Get the car’s value

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After figuring out the value of your car you can sell it at its best price.
Keep in mind your car is running well and have a certified mechanic such as YourMechanic for a checkup and safety inspection of your car. How To Calculate What Is My Car Worth

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