How To Lease A Car | Step By Step Guide of 2018


How To Lease A Car: A car lease is helpful when you do not have money to buy a new vehicle. It is a great option where you do not require to pay cash or taking out a loan.

You need to pay a small amount of down payment, which is 20% of a car’s value. After that, you need to pay the monthly payments for the term of the lease.

How To Lease A Car | Step By Step Guide of 2018

How To Lease A Car | Step By Step Guide of 2018

1. Do a little research

When you are going to lease a car you make sure that a small down payment and then small monthly payments until the term of the lease is up. After finishing the terms you need to hand over the keys back to the car dealer.

2. Make a budget

Find out how much amount you can pay monthly to get a car on lease. You can get an average car in $250 dollars over your monthly maximum. It’s a great idea to avoid the debt to finance a car. So work out your budget and stick to it. Find out the option, which falls within your budget based on your money.

3. Select the car you like

Find the car you like to use, as this idea will help you to get the option such as colors, interior etc. Check the safety features, low maintenance cost and time-tested dependency. For example, if you like Audi it does not mean that you ignore the Honda. Also, check the models which you have to pay a low amount of insurance premium.

4. Take a test driver


Visit the dealers do not show them that you are planning to lease a car. Take a test drive and pay attention to the car, which gives you a good feel. Check how the car makes the most difference when the time comes. You must check the following aspects when the time comes to you to use your vehicle on an ongoing basis.

1. Check the seating.

2. Enquire the head and legroom.

3. Visibility for the blind spots.

4. Power of engine.

5. Handling and Controls.

6. Other features.

5. Get finance if required

If you require to securing financing for a down payment on your car and do not have the cash ready. Go to the bank or credit union to get finance, do not get financing at the dealership.

6. Get the best lease deal

Negotiate the price first and get your car at the negotiated price. The lower price of the car is lower the payment, even with leasing. In order to check the price checks the invoice price of a car. Its final price must be somewhere between the invoice and suggested retail price.

7. Check the residual value and monthly payment of car

It is useful to decide to buy a car after finishing the lease. You think you want a low residual value of your car lease is up.

8. Check for the discounts

Visit the website of the manufacturer of your favorite car, which you are going to lease. These rebates applies to the down payment of the car however, they sometimes help lower the residual cost of the vehicle.

9. Read the lease agreement

Discuss the financial liability for the periodic maintenance and repairs for the car. If you have any doubts ask for the complete clarification. As you are responsible for what is written in that agreement.

10. Enjoy the ride

Make all the payment on time to stay away from fines and strict attention to mileage clauses. Otherwise, it will change what happens when your turn in the car at the finish of the lease.

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In the last, be sure you will be able to afford it for the entire term, as the early termination attracts a penalty, which can be costly. How To Lease A Ca

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